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    Copper Ornaments

    In Çorum city center, you can find yourself in the melody of hammer sounds that shape copper among coppersmiths. You can buy various household goods and ornaments shaped in the hands of skilled craftsmen.

    Kargi Cloth

    It is possible to find clothes made of hand-knotted kargi cloth on the benches in the workshops operated in Kargı district.

    Hand-Crafted Cane

    Canes processed entirely by hand from trees such as maple, cornel, wild pear, beech are made both as accessories and for use in your walks.

    Wood Carving Products

    You can choose the products carved by writing various figures and calligraphies in the form of paintings to decorate your walls.

    Handmade Musical Instruments

    Musical instruments such as saz, bağlama, uds and tanburs, which are made with meticulous efforts that sometimes last for months in skillful hands, are mainly produced upon order in the center of Çorum.

    Wooden Kitchen Utensils

    Wooden kitchen utensils such as spoons, rolling pins, bread boards, chairs or various wooden toys, mother of pearl inlaid, and wood carving dowry chests are made in İskilip district.


    Basketry, which is one of the professions that faces disappearing, continues to be kept alive in İskilip. It is possible to find baskets made from hazelnut branch among different models for both carrying and ornamental purposes.

    Stone Carved Products

    In Boğazkale and Alacahöyük, you can buy stone carving products with Hittite motifs, which are skillfully processed by masters, as a souvenir of your trip.