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    İskilip Dolması

    İskilip Dolması is a traditional dish made in villages at the foot of Deveci and Köse Mountain (Deveci ve Köse Dağı) in İskilip district and cooked in about twelve hours. It is prepared by cooks called dolmacı at weddings. Although this tradition continues to this day, it is possible to find it in some restaurants within the district.

    Turkish Wedding Soup

    This soup, which is the favorite of the people of the region, is very similar to Ayran Aşı Soup, which is unique to some regions of Anatolia. Differently, milk and eggs are used. It also contains strained yogurt, flour and chicken stock.

    Çorum Meat Pasty

    Çorum Meat Pasty is a delicacy unique to Çorum region. Minced parsley, pepper and salt are used for the inside of the dough. It is served with a mixture of powdered pepper with garlic yogurt and butter on it.

    Çorum Baklava

    Çorum Baklava, also known as Gül Baklava, is one of Çorum's regional desserts. It is usually made at weddings, in preparations for the holidays.

    Tandır Kebab

    Lamb is used in tandır kebab, a bazaar artisan dish in Çorum. The meat rested for a certain period of time is fried like pomegranate, surrounded by well-dried oak wood in the tandoori made with special fire brick. It is served with salad in Çorum's oiled fine pita. There are many restaurants that only make tandır kebab in Çorum City Center.

    Çorum Köftesi

    It is the preference of chicken as the meat that distinguishes Çorum Köftesi from other meatballs. The chicken is grinded in the machine and brought to the consistency of minced meat. Then bulgur, basil and chili pepper are added.

    Rice with Chicken and Chickpea

    Chicken and chickpea rice is one of the favorite dishes of the people of Çorum. Rice, chicken, chickpeas, carrots, onions and chicken stock are used in its preparation.


    This dish made from a plant called Madımak (polygonum cognatum) was even the subject of songs. This flavor, which is very popular in the region, turns into a great food with the addition of onions, bulgur and sometimes bacon.

    Kargı Tulum Cheese 

    Cheeses made from the milk of animals fed in the Kargı highlands and stored in skins overalls have a distinctive taste and aroma.


    Keşkek, a traditional Çorum dish, is one of the indispensable flavors of village weddings. During Ramadan, the ingredients are prepared early in the morning and the casserole is put in the pot and put in the oven. It is served together with pickles and salad.

    Sırık Kebab

    Lamb or mohair Capricorn is preferred in its preparation. It is prepared by salting the eviscerated lamb or Capricorn and turning it over the fire on the skewer and cooking it.


    Rice produced in Osmancık and Kargı districts is exported all over Türkiye and abroad.

    Çorum Leblebi 

    Leblebi is one of Çorum's symbols. Leblebi, which has varieties such as with pepper, sugar and chocolate, are cooked in wood fire and exported all over Türkiye.