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    Kargı Plateau

    Kargı Plateau is in the high mountainous region north of Kargı district, 140 kilometers from Çorum. In this region, there are interconnected Eğinönü, Aksu, Karandu, Göl, Örencik, Karaboya, Gökçedoğan plateaus.  In these highlands, the tradition of highland houses suitable for local highland architecture continues.         

    All these highlands look like a natural wonder with trout grown in the Aksu and Gökçedoğan ponds, local vegetation and abundant water resources.

    Abdullah Plateau

    Abdullah Plateau is located on the Kös Mountain (Kös Dağı) with an altitude of 2050 m, the highest mountain in Kargı district, and the distance to Çorum is 114 kilometers. Abdullah Plateau, besides its clean and abundant water and unspoiled nature; has other unique vegetation such as yellow pine and black pine.

    Bayat Kunduzlu and Kuşçaçimeni Highlands

    The plateaus, located within the boundaries of Bayat district and in the mountainous Karatepe position in the north of the district, are 100 km away from the city center. The locals continue the highland tradition here. Especially in Kuşçaçimeni Plateau, tents are set up for camping purposes in summer. Yellow pine, black pine and firs attract attention in the plateaus, which are covered with rich vegetation.

    İskilip Plateaus

    Located in the north of İskilip district, there are many plateaus that attract attention with their natural beauties that are in contact with each other on the high mountain range covered with local vegetation such as yellow pine, black pine, fir, oak.

    There are picnic and promenade areas in Elmabeli-Beşoluk, Çiçekli Plateaus (Çiçekli Yaylaları), Demirbükü and Yalak Plateaus (Demirbükü ve Yalak Yaylaları) located on the İskilip-Tosya Highway.

    Osmancık Başpınar Karaca Plateaus

    Osmancık Başpınar Karaca Plateaus are located 50 kilometers from Çorum. The area is very convenient for camping, there is also accommodation facilities in the district.

    Hittite Road Walking Tracks

    Hittite Road Walking and Cycling Tracks are found in the Hittite region, which is considered the most important symbol of Çorum and one of the cornerstones of the history of world civilization. Hittite Road, which is entitled to bear the UNESCO logo, is visited by many nature lovers throughout the year. Hittite Road, which passes through the ancient cities of Hittites, which dazzles the world with its magnificent history, exhibits examples of the natural beauties and cultural-ethnic mosaic of the Central Anatolian geography.