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  • 48 hours

    in Çorum

    First Day

    After a breakfast with delicious tastes of Çorum cuisine in the morning, you can leave for Hattuşa, one of the most interesting places. The remains you will see in the Boğazkale Hattusa city will take a long time. After visiting the city, you can move to the Open Air Shrine of Yazılıkaya, which is within walking distance. You can then head to Alacahöyük, a 30-minute drive away, or stop by Sungurlu to see the Sungurlu Clock Tower. Here you can finish the day by continuing to Alacahöyük after a meal break with rice with chicken and then returning to the city and having a pleasant time in Çatak Natural Park.

    Second Day

    On your second day in Çorum, you can visit the Çorum Castle after respectively having visited the Çorum Museum, Hıdırlık Mosque and Tomb, Ulucami and Çorum Clock Tower.  Then you can move to İskilip, which is 1.5 hours away, and first take a lunch break and try İskilip Dolması. After the meal, you can visit Sheikh Muhittin Yavsii Mosque, İskilip Castle and Rock Graves, then stop by the places where wooden handicrafts are made and the Public Education Center to see the traditional handicrafts of the region and to buy yourself a souvenir. From here, you can go to İskilip Plateaus and spend some time on natural beauties. Then you can return to the city and finish the day by visiting the shops in the city center and doing some shopping.