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    İncesu Canyon

    İncesu Canyon (İncesu Kanyonu) is in Ortaköy district and is 12 km long. There are wall ruins dating back to the Hellenistic Period, stair cascading water cisterns called caves by the people, wooden beam hollows on the rocks rising on both sides of the canyon where the Çekerek River (Çekerek Nehri), whose ancient name is Scylax, passes. The width of the canyon ranges from 40 to 60 meters. Both slopes of the canyon are a cliff, it is possible to come across forested lands from place to place. The canyon is quite convenient for rafting and trekking sports. Within the canyon is a 1,600-meter wooden walking platform that extends to the Kybele relief.

    Çatak Nature Park

    Çatak Nature Park (Çatak Doğa Parkı) is located 22 km from the provincial center.  The dominant tree species in the field is black pine, there are also yellow pines in small quantities. Foxes, rabbits, wolves, passeriformes and partridges form the fauna. There are suitable tracks for trekking in the area.