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  • Çorum GoTürkiye

    Çorum region has been the scene of important civilizations in prehistoric and historical times and has been a cradle to many civilizations for thousands of years in a row. This richness of the city, which is very rich in mineral deposits, has been the main reason why settlements are concentrated in the region, especially in the prehistory.

    Hattusa, the capital of Hittites, of whom cultural data from seven thousand years ago were encountered and who established the first organized state in Anatolia, is located within the borders of Çorum.

    Çorum is one of the places to see with its exceptional natural beauties and living traditional cultural structure. In the natural wonder İncesu Canyon (İncesu Kanyonu), home to the Mother Goddess Cybele; It is also possible to do alternative activities such as trekking, cycling, caravan, camping, jeep safari in Kargı, Osmancık and İskilip plateaus!